Kids First Follow Up

I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to learn more about Kids First and to GIVE to this organization.  The folks that work there are doing great work -from their heart-to support kids in our community.  Here is a snapshot of me with the Executive Director – Sarah Stewart and the Development Director- Jaclyn Lemonds on site.  Check out the links below if you’d like to learn more or get involved too!!

Check out their website:
Check out their donation page is you’d like to help:
They have fundraising events too:
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Jaclyn Lemonds at or call 541-682-3938 ext. 218.
OMG – check out their wishlist for kids! What a great opportunity to give back during the holidays by getting a gift off their wish list page!

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4th Quarter GIVE

4th Quarter GIVE
I’m so excited to announce I’m partnering with Kids’ First for the 4th Quarter GIVE!!
Have you heard of Kids’ First and what they do for our community? I have a friend that has been involved with them for years and has been educating me. Kids’ FIRST serves as Lane County’s Child Abuse Intervention Center. Its mission is to provide intervention and advocacy to children who have been victims of, or witnesses to, crime. When the unimaginable happens to children in our community, KF is part of the first response team that supports the healing process. At Kids’ FIRST, children receive medical exams, forensic interviews, and advocacy when alleged abuse has occurred. KF also houses grand jury on-site for children so they don’t have to go to an unfamiliar courthouse downtown.

Kids’ FIRST is a 501c3 non-profit. Its day-to-day operations are supported strictly by grants, child abuse assessment reimbursements, and private donations. Our support as a community is a vital piece of the puzzle.

Having worked with kids in the community through coaching for over 20 years I am passionate about support for the kids and their families that go through tough times. Sadly, the need is huge! I’m excited to share that they are in the beginning stages of acquiring a new building that will allow them to expand and improve their services to children and their families. I’m so excited!

Check out their website:
Check out their donation page is you’d like to help:
They have fundraising events too:
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Jaclyn Lemonds at or call 541-682-3938 ext. 218.
OMG – check out their wishlist for kids! What a great opportunity to give back during the holidays by getting a gift off their wish list page!

Thanks for being part of my GIVE!!

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3rd Quarter Give – WHS Water Polo

GIVE 3rd Quarter

In case you haven’t heard – this year I am donating 5% of each commission to a different non-profit each quarter.  This is in addition to the donation to the Windermere foundation each commission.  I am thrilled to be on this journey of Giving. Grateful to everyone that has been part of this journey –  clients, lenders, escrow and more!

This quarter I’m excited to be partnering with Willamette High School Water Polo!  I’m looking forward to helping out a club sport at the HS where I coach swimming and where I’ve coached a number of these same kids. Being a club sport means they need to come up with the funds to pay for pool time, coaches, and more.  I also have a couple families this quarter working with me on home sales whose families have had or do have kids involved in this sport.  I am a firm believer in kids being active/athletic and am excited to partner with another kids’ opportunity.  What a great partnership!!

Learn more at:  If you’d like to donate you can do so at Willamette High School and let them know it’s for the Water Polo Club.

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WHS Girls Water Polo 

WHS Boys Water Polo


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Partnering with Greenhill

In case you haven’t heard – this year I am donating 5% of each commission to a different non-profit each quarter.  This is in addition to the donation to the Windermere foundation each commission.  I am thrilled to be on this journey of Giving. Grateful to everyone that has been part of this journey –  clients, lenders, escrow and more!

This 2nd quarter I’ve partnered with Greenhill Humane Society. I’m so excited to be giving to an organization that does so much for our community and our animals in need.  I would like to invite you all to join me!  Follow along and learn about each of these non-profits or even give to them yourselves if you feel drawn to do so.  In case you haven’t heard – Greenhill is looking to expand their services and update their buildings to be able to house and serve more families and fur babies in our area.  I am honored to be part of this journey with them and for their expansion.  **Update – they have broken ground!  Soooo exciting! Check out there website here:  Donate to Greenhill here:  Volunteer info here:  Check out there Resources page:

Here are some pics of me in the catery when I went last week to GIVE my donation! The black and white guy in the last couple pics was their featured cat of the week – Squeek – and is 22 years young and a complete sweetheart.

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(warning – kitten alert!)




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GIVE 2nd Quarter

GREENHILL humane society

I’m excited to be partnering with Greenhill! My second quarter GIVE campaign came about through discussions with those around me.  I realized that finding an organization that matched my priorities and passion was going to be key.  I’ve always felt my pets are my fur babies and I used to take the EA kids on bike rides to Greenhill to visit the catery and the animals there.  I’m grateful for an organization that helps the people and animals in our community by providing a no-kill landing spot for our fur friends/babies in transition.  Their vision statement: “Greenhill Humane Society, SPCA envisions a community in which all companion animals have loving homes and are treated with compassion and respect.”  Their mission statement: “Greenhill Humane Society, SPCA will provide safe shelter for animals in transition, serve as advocates for animals and their people, work to end animal overpopulation and educate the public about compassion and responsibility towards all animals.”  So excited to be giving 5% of each commission to this organization this quarter.

If you want to give to Greenhill check them out here:

Have you heard about their capital campaign?  They are looking to increase their service by expanding and updating their facilities.  It sounds super exciting!!  Check it out here:

  Read more about their animals, like Snipps here at:

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First Quarter GIVE

Wow – the first quarter has come and gone.  This year I am donating 5% of each commission to a different non-profit.

I have just done my first quarter give to Emerald Aquatics –  Check out their website if you want to give to them as well!  Donations help keep the monthly fees down, youth scholarships, and equipment.  They provide swimming for kids and adults and do so while fostering an environment of excellence and personal growth.

This year a new EA award was added.  It’s called the “Dhom Character Award” and goes to the swimmer that exemplifies leadership and our weekly themes at swim team and in their daily life.  Some weekly themes examples include Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Winning and Learning, and Integrity.  This year the first award went to Gracie!! I am so proud of the young woman she is becoming!

So excited to have exceeded my GIVE goal for the 1st quarter!  So excited to be able to contribute to the sport of swimming in this way!  Gratitude and a big thank you to everyone who has walked part of this first quarter with me.  You have helped make a difference in these kids’ lives!

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Real Estate Statistical Update- not as boring as it sounds!!

Stats update!

What’s happening in the market these days??  That’s the question people often ask.  Here’s a summary and some graphs to illustrate what’s going on in Lane County.  If you’re interested in your particular neighborhood or house let me know!  I’d be happy to do a market analysis for you or just chat over coffee or lunch about what’s going on in your area.

For Lane County as a whole in February (March stats aren’t out yet):

  • Median sale price: $280,000 (up 12% year over year)
  • Average days on market: 52 days (down 1.9% year over year)
  • Sale Price vs Original List Price: 97% (unchanged year over year).

Last February 2017 vs this February 2018

  • We saw basically the same market!

What we’ve seen historically:

  • 2015 vs 2016 – inventory crunch
  • 2016 vs 2017 – inventory crisis
  • Jan/Feb 2017 vs Jan/Feb 2018 – What will this year bring? Pending is still outpacing inventory!
  • Inventory has increased by 4.6% year over year (Jan/Feb 2017 vs Jan/Feb 2018)
  • Pending has increased 17.4% year over year – wow! (Jan/Feb 2017 vs Jan/Feb 2018)

Did you know????

  • 33% of all listing inventory was below $300,000 and 56% of all pending was below $300,000.
  • 53% of all listing inventory was below $400,000 and 81% of all pending activity was below $400,000.
  • We are in a dual market! If you are below $300,000 you are in a strong sellers’ market.  As you go higher in price range the market slows down making it the perfect market to move up into a higher price range.  If you’ve been wanting or waiting to do that – now is the time.

Check out these pdf’s of some of these stats!

Feb 17 Feb 18

Feb 2018

Buying Power

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  I am so excited to be starting 2018.  Getting ready for 2018 included business planning over Thanksgiving weekend, after Christmas cleaned my office, and right before the new year cleaned the house.  I’m ready to go!

Each year I select a word to focus on.  It’s not a new year’s resolution so much as an intention. I find my word through journaling and meditation and then chose the word that resonates with me. What growth am I focusing on this year?

Once I pick a word – I order an actual physical word from this amazing company that creates them out of recycled materials – Colleen Attara Studio.  The pictures I’ve included below are the experience of opening my word package when it arrived in the mail.

This year the word that struck me is “GIVE”.  This means multiple things to me.

  1. Give the business.  Give the gift of real estate to my clients.  Give the best I can so they can have a smooth process and reach their goals as seamlessly as possible.
  2. Give my whole self.  What is the biggest most important thing anyone has to give?  Themselves.  Their whole and unique selves.
  3. Give in the literal sense – philanthropically.  Coaching had been my big give for 22 years both time and financially.  Now that I am no longer doing that full time, my journey this year is to investigate what my next big give is.

One of my “Gives” this year is an experiment. With this year a portion of every commission is going to be donated.  Windermere agents already agree to donate a portion of every commission to our Windermere Foundation that gives thousands each year to local non-profits.  I’m deciding to do something in addition!

Each quarter I am going to choose a new non-profit to donate to and will announce that in my blog and on my Facebook business page.

The first quarter of 2018 I am committing to donate 5% of my commission to one of my favorite non-profits – Emerald Aquatics!  They are a 501c3 that provides swim team and fitness in our community for ages 5 through adults.  The adult program is 18 and over and a great group of people that like to have fun, work hard, and swim together.  The kids group is a competitive swim team for ages 5-18 that excels at teaching life skills and life lessons beyond the sport of swimming.  I have been part of this organization for 22 years as a coach and now as a swimmer and I’m excited to partner with them for the first quarter.  If you would like to find out more or donate to EA let me know!

If you have any suggestions for other non-profits to include in my journey this year please tell me!  I would love to hear how you know the organization and how you’ve been involved with them. I’m also interesting in volunteering my time – so send me those suggestions as well.  If you or anyone you know has any real estate needs or if I could be of service in any way please let me know!  The more people I can serve, the more I can give.

Many blessings to you to for this new year!!  Gina

Look at what she wrote on my word package!!:

Opening the package to find:

Some extras that come with your word:

My word, GIVE:


At home, on my desk:


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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is one of my favorite times of year.  I love the Fall Season and the season of Gratitude.  The Fall always reminds me of a fresh start.  I think this comes from being a student and then a swim coach for so many years.  Fall was the time of a new school year or a new swim year.  Now it’s the time of year that I do my annual real estate reviews for my clients and my business planning for the next year.  So much potential wrapped up into this season!  Also, who can resist the beautiful leaves, crisp air and dare I say it – pumpkin spice??  I certainly can’t.

We all have so much to be grateful for each day.  As I review the last year for myself I have so much for which to be thankful.

Grateful for a 22 year coaching career and all of the swimmers and families that I have had the pleasure to work with.  You all have a special place in my heart always! I learned so much from each of my athletes and loved every single day as a coach and trainer.

Grateful for a new career (4 years!) as a Realtor with Windermere and all of the FUN and AMAZING people I am so blessed to work with everyday.  From the offices here at Windermere to the clients that I get to serve – I am blessed to have you all in my life.

Wishing you all a holiday full of love and delicious food!  Big hugs to you – Coach Gina

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Energy Efficiency and EWEB programs

Just went to a class taught by EWEB (Eugene Water and Electric Board) on energy efficiency and programs they offer to home owners.  Such a great class!  It was such a good add on to my GREEN designation training.  While some of the federal programs are going away and ever changing EWEB still has their rebate and 0%loans to help update your home. 

Why does this matter to a HOMEOWNER?  It helps to know what assistance programs are out there and energy audits are available to increase your current energy efficiency.  Why?  Your bills will go down!  You’ll end up spending less to be more comfortable.  Hooray!

Why does it matter to SELLERS?  Did you know EWEB and other affiliates will do an energy audit on your home? They will give your home a score to be able to advertise to buyers how the home performs.  This takes out the personal use bias that providing monthly statements include.  Instead – the energy audits take into account the product and average use.  Did you know homes sell faster with an energy audit – no matter the score??  Cool!

Why does it matter to a BUYERS? Knowing what assistant programs are out there will help you make an informed decision on what a home is worth and what to prioritize in your purchase.  A home with energy updates is worth more because the work is already done and the monthly energy expense will be lower.  Knowing about the assistance EWEB provides helps in budgeting when looking at homes that need energy updates.  As we start to see more homes with energy audits in our area it will help bring clarity to a buyers understanding of homes that are on the market.

Whatever stage you are in – I’m happy to help!

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